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Drone sector multibagger stocks for 2023 [Now]

Drone sector multibagger stocks for 2023 

Friends, today in this post we will tell you about some company of Drone sectors Penny Stocks, in which investing can double your money in the coming few years. All these stocks can become Multibagger Stocks  for 2023  . Look, I believe one should invest in those things which have some future or one type of thing which is coming today and may become a requirement of human in future or man will mostly use same things in future.
You must have seen drones in any program, in India, drones are mostly used for shooting, videography etc. But nowadays things are changing, drones are being used in every field like many countries use drones for attack. A few months ago, a drone was attacked at the Jammu Air Force Station. Earlier, China had also used drones for Galvan attack. Apart from China, many superpowers of the world like America, Japan, Russia are focusing on drone technology. Will lead in security. Logistics also because drones are being used to deliver many things, now the question arises that where will India’s drone industry be in the coming 5-6 years? For us and for you as an investor we must know about it if industry will grow and we miss this moment we can miss opportunity to make money don’t miss the opportunity that’s why we are making this post we will learn Everything related to the Drones industry and will tell you Drone Sector Stocks in India 2023  some such stocks which are reputed drone companies in our India country (listed drone companies in india) are working in drone industry and leading drone industry, so what Are you ready to learn?
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The head of the Drone Federation of India said in an interview that in the next 5 years India’s drone industry will be worth 6 billion US dollars which is currently 20 million dollars i.e. bumper growth. know! Till the time the government made flying a drone weighing 500 kg legal, only 300 kg was legal, so it is expected that in the next 10 years, drone taxis can be seen in the country. A wonderful work can be done, the government expected that in 3 years, about 5000 crores would be invested in the drone industry, 10000 new jobs would be created, so this was the condition of the industry, in simple words, in 5 years we will see an amazing growth in this industry. There are more companies and startups that are related to drones but only a few are listed in the stock market. We will analyze some of them for you to see, introduce, understand them in detail so that you can decide for yourself. 

List of Drone Companies in India

So far only this 4 company is listed in Drone Sector Stocks in India.
1.Ratan India Enterprises
2. Zen Technology
3. DCM Shriram Industries
4. InfoEdge

Drone sectors Penny Stocks in India 2023 

Ratan India Enterprises

So here the first name is Ratan India Enterprises let’s know the latest updates, this company has partnered with American drone maker Matter Net, Matter Net is the world’s largest drone logistics platform, this partnership is expected to help India Drone logistics can be seen soon in order to advance the drone industry, the Government of India has also made some rules. Has got many plus points and benefits. At present, the company is testing drones in Arab countries. Ratan Enterprises is a company of Ratan India Group which is working for the future and this company is also active in Electric Vehicle segment. Has launched its first 2 wheeler bike as Revolt Motor if you look at their performance before last two years it was in loss but it was in less loss in 2020 and almost zero loss in 2021 whereas if you look at their shareholding look at the pattern (promoter) Holding your position is also a good thing.

Zen Technology

Now coming to the second share, Zen Technology, many of you must have known about this company. It is India’s largest company in terms of drones for security purpose. The company is headquartered in both India and the US. The company designs and manufactures security-related products. Driving simulator for the army, simulator live range devices and manufactures security drone systems Government The lion rose significantly after the announcement of the Upper Circuit. The company claims to export drone security products worth $5 billion in the years to come. Their net income continued to increase but declined in 2021. Promoter Holding 60.19 % is on.

DCM Shriram Industries

After that the next stock is of DCM Shriram Industries, till now this company used to manufacture Mikal sugar and fiber products but a few months ago it partnered with a Turkish drone maker Zyron Dynamics 38 for 1 million US dollars. Zyron Drone Dynamics specializes in making small drones Looking at their revenue model, no growth from the drone industry, most of the earnings from the Chinese industry around 60%, 20% from chemicals, 17% other fiber content India China Europe Their customers There are 79.4% business from India, 6.3% from China, 6.4% from Europe 7.8% from other countries if you look at their net income continues to increase but fall in FY 2021 net income Promoter holding increased continuously and currently 50.11 so That’s cool, and as you saw they now have a partnership with the company that drone revenue will start when they start the drone business so we are introducing you to the companies that are going up the list.


You may be surprised as we explore new name from drone sector and company name is Infoedge, do you already know tell us in comment box Recently Infoedge invested in Bengaluru based startup Skylark Drone Company This is the same company which is testing drone delivery system with Swiggy. This startup was started in 2014 and the company is headquartered in India and USA. They have more than hundred companies in their customer list which includes Reliance, Infra, Tata Many Fortune 500 companies like Steel, L&T, Aditya Birla Group, Hindustan Zinc are involved. If we talk about infoage, till now the company was doing online job portals, real estate portals like Naukri.com, 99acres.com, jeevansathi.com, shiksha.com, whose portals are very famous. Infoage invests in zomato, policy market, coding ninja then how successful this business becomes because this is the future so their recruitment solution revenue is 70.8% from 99acres.com real estate 15.5% and others 13.3% see their financial status So FY 2020 saw good growth but losses but they covered that loss in 2021 so here are these 4 stocks which are in one way or the other in drone industry I shared with you there were many companies which are not listed.


This blog post is for education purpose, if you want to invest in these stocks then do it at your own risk and never invest by taking loan.
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