Chotu dada net worth, lifestyle, cars, age

Chotu dada net worth, lifestyle, cars, age & more [Now]

Chotu dada  net worth, lifestyle, cars, age & more


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Friends Shafeeq Chotu, who is known as Chotu Dada, Chotu Dada is a very popular Indian YouTuber and he is famous for his different style of short videos and comedy videos and today his videos are so famous, today his name is a Guinness Book. There is also a certificate of world record.

Chotu dada lifestyle 

So friends, today we talk about Shafeeq Chotu i.e. Chotu Dada lifestyle and will know the whole story from his early stages to becoming a very big Indian on YouTube, but if you are a fan of Chotu Dada, then this article for you. let’s start talking about the lifestyle of Chotu Dada i.e. Shafeeq Chotu, friends first of all.

Chotu dada realname 

Chotu Dada real name and Nick name Chotu Dada real name is Shafeeq Natiya and his nickname is Chotu Dada and friends, let us tell you that today’s, people know him by his nickname which is Chotu Dada. Chotu Dada Profession are comedians and actors on youtube.

Chotu dada Career

Nowadays this Chotu Dada works on many big YouTube channels and has already done so, now we will talk about Chotu Dada career, so friends, even today people like Chotu Dada, praise his acting. But friends, let us tell you that Chotu Dada had nothing to do with acting in the past, he used to work on his own, but he came for the first time in acting and became so famous but once something happened, he was talking to his friends. Along with friends were partying somewhere but there were also Bollywood people who shooting there a film and the cameraman of those Bollywood people was Wasim Anjum who already knew Chotu Dada and Thule had taken that camera. Wasim Anjum introduced Chotu Dada to Asif Albela and Asif Albela also gave a small role to Chotu Dada in a movie.
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Due to which he also became very famous, after offering the movie, Shafeeq became Chotu Dada from Natia to your own Chotu Dada and after that he also worked in many TV serials such as Chintu of Malegaon, Chintu Pintu, Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman and chotu Dada has also worked in many similar serials but till now he had not got the popularity which he is getting now and which he really deserved and after that Chotu Dada started working on YouTube with which he Worked with many production houses like Chotu of PCL, JK Entertainment and DS Production The Official Channel like Chotu Dada worked with many big production houses but JK Productions and Khan Dehi Movie Production. There was a deep attachment with Chotu Dada, because the audience liked Chotu Dada very much on both these channels and it was also very popular and friends, let us tell you that today crores of people like to watch his every video and friends soon Another new world record will also be recorded in the name of Chotu Dada.

Chotu dada age 

Friends, now let’s talk about the age of Chotu Dada and about the birthday, that is, the birthday of Chotu Dada was born on 25 November 1991. He was 22 years old from 2021 and Chotu Dada was born in Maharashtra and even today Chotu Dada lives in his village Malegaon. About his education, Chotu Dada has studied till class 10 and after that his condition of the house was not so good that if he could move forward, he left his studies.

Chotu dada income

Regarding his salary, how much does Chotu Dada earn, friends, Chotu Dada is busy in his shooting for 28 days in a month and Chhotu Dada earns 2 to 3 lakhs in 1 month. About Chotu Dada net worth, his net worth is Rs 102 crores, so let’s talk friends about 

Chotu Dada car collection

Chotu Dada has a car at this time which is Innova Crysta which costs about 16 lakh rupees in India and the top of this car The speed is 180 kilometers per hour.
Friends, in this blog post we talked about Chotu income, Chotu Dada lifestyle, Chotu Dada age & more. I hope you have like to know about Chotu Dada biography.
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