Amit bhadana net worth, wiki, age, home, & more

Amit bhadana net worth, wiki, age, home, & more

Amit bhadana net worth, wiki, age, home, & more

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Friends, today we are going to talk about India very big YouTuber Rajni, you must have known whose name is Amit Badhna, through this blog post we wil know Amit bhadana net worth, only how much he earns from YouTube and how much is Amit bhadana total net worth.

Amit bhadana net worth 

So let’s start knowing about them and tell you how much Amit bhadana net worth is. Before knowing about their net worth, let us tell you who is he first.

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Friends, everyone sees the dream but not all can make it fulfilled and the one who makes it successful is called a successful man.

Amit bhadana age

Let us tell you that Amit Badana was born on 7th September 1991 in Faridabad India and according to 2021 his age is 31 years now.

Amit bhadana home

Amit Bhadana was lived in Delhi since he was 2 years old and he completed his schooling from a small school in Delhi and after that Amit Bhadana graduated from University of Delhi and let us tell you that after graduation he studied law.

And Amit Bhadana is an Indian YouTuber by profession who has a comedy channel and he entertains people a lot with his comedy channel and the best thing about his channel which you will not find in any other channel is that in his channel You will not get abuses and if you watch any YouTube channel now then you will definitely get abuses with comedy but this is a family channel and you can enjoy it with your family and everyone.

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Amit bhadana carrer

Amit bhandana  career starts from college, although he had studied law, but he enjoyed doing comedy and he created a dubbing video that during college days and put that dubbing video on Facebook which became quite viral and From here he started making videos of dubbing but after some time he got the copyright from there and deleted all his videos, due to which he thought to make his original content and that is why he started his own YouTube channel.

After starting the YouTube channel, he started making his original content, which people liked a lot and thus he got a lot of love and support from the people.

Let us tell you that Amit Bhadana had started making new videos in the desi language, due to which he had to face a lot of difficulties and also had to become a lot of jokes, but after some time when his success came, his success gave the answer to everyone. Gave it and closed everyone’s mouth. And let us tell you that Amit has to increase that now there are more than 23 million subscribers on YouTube and his YouTube channel is India’s biggest comedy channel.

Amit bhadana income

So friends, let us tell you that we cannot tell you the income of Amit and no one even knows the exit because it does not depend on one factor, it depends on all the factors like brand promotion sponsorships and much more. 

So if we talk about Amit bhadana income, then according to me, Amit bhadana monthly income in 2022 is 300000 plus and if we talk about Amit bhadana net worth, then their net worth is $ 7 million in 2021. Which is more than 52 crores in Indian Rupees.

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And if we talk about Amit Bhadana income from a YouTube video, then his income is more than 10 lakhs from a YouTube video, which is of only a few youtubers in India. And in the last year i.e. 2020, his net worth was $6.5 million.

Amit bhadana height – 6 Feet

Amit bhadana weight – 65kg

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