Prafull billore net worth, biography, success story

Prafull billore net worth, biography, success story & more [Now]

Prafull billore net worth, biography, success story & more

If you are determined to do something different in your life and move ahead with that goal, then you definitely get your destination, yes it has been done in a small village of Madhya Pradesh. Prafull Billore, 25. Which is famous today as MBA Chai Wala.
Meet Prafull Billore Aka MBA Chaiwala - VANITY STARDOM
So, in today’s article we are going talk about Prafull Billore net worth, biography, success story.
Praful does tea business in Ahmedabad and is famous as “MBA Chai Wala” and in the last 4 years he has made his business turnover reach 30 million, so let us know the motivational story Praful Billore biography. 

MBA chai wala net worth

Hello friends, we are going to talk about Prafull billore Net worth We will know the Praful Billore monthly income as well. Praful billore Net worth is 3 crore in Indian rupees. so friends today we are going to talk about MBA chai wala success story.

MBA chai wala story

This story is an inspiring story of a middle class Indian man called Mr. Prafull Billore, Praful Billore was born on 14 January 1996 in Dhar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Praful was very ambitious since childhood and wanted to do MBA when he grew up, and Praful had the full support of his family members to do MBA.
Prafulla prepared for CAT (Common Entrance Test for getting admission into Masters in Business Administration) for 3 consecutive years to do MBA from IIM Ahmedabad but failed every time. Due to this failure, he became very depressed and left CAT preparation for some time.
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Praful says that he was very attracted by the wonderful package offered to MBA graduates, but when he could not clear the CAT exam even after working hard for 3 years, his confidence fell a lot, he started cursing himself that what should I do next. He would say that
-It was not “the end, it was the beginning, this was the time to know yourself, to learn to make mistakes”-

Prafull Billore Success Story

When he could not clear the CAT exam, Praful Billore spoke to his father and said that he no longer wanted to study and went to visit Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon and last in Ahmedabad where “MBA Chai Wala” Famous by name.
Prafulla started working as a sweeper in McDonald at ₹ 37 per hour, he started earning, started learning, took new experiences in his life, started taking orders from the sweeper after the promotion of waiter, started gaining experience by meeting new people.
It turned out to be a much better experience for him than reading his books, as he was meeting new people, new ideas, new experiences every day. 
Then Prafull Billore wondered how long he would live with the identity of McDonald, he would have no identity of his own. So why not do my own work, but thinking of what to do, even in this hopeless time, he was very much attached to tea. So he was thinking only of tea and He wanted to start his own cafe, but it was impossible for him to start a cafe worth 15 lakhs.
Then he decided to open his own tea stall and start his work on the concept of “dream big small start or act now”. Prafull Billore says that he took ₹ 10000 from home for education study, and took 45 days to open his own tea stall and develop courage and courage because the person who never made tea for himself at home, he as tea stall will be set up on the side of the road.
Prafull thought that I will do this, and better than CAT exam, I started my work thinking of my own work, my money, my shop, my independent, what else I want.
“He further said a very important thing that” Tata is the world’s biggest blacksmith and the world’s biggest cobbler is Bata, working on shoes and iron but it is a brand in the world”. Work is not small, ways should be big, thinking that he opened his tea stall.
“He says don’t marry the one you love and if it is not so, then make love to the one whom you married.” So tea was Prafull passion, so he started his own tea stall.

Beginning Difficulty of MBA Chaiwala

On the first day not a single tea of ​​Prafull Billore was sold, so Praful thought that if no one is coming to drink tea with me, then why not go to him and offer my tea. Praful is well educated, speaks good English, here it worked for her, the public used to think that the chai wala speaks English, and started selling tea.
On the second day, he sold 6 teas but earned Rs.30 as dead so, Prafull used to work from 9:00 to 6:00 in the morning and set up his tea stall from 7:00 to 11:00. The work started going well 600 sometimes 4000 sometimes 5000 started selling and he left his 9:00 to 4:00 job and focused his full attention on his tea.
One day his father called him and asked for his college details as he had taken 10 thousand rupees from him. He once again lied to his father (if you have to lie to do something good in life, it is good to lie) that in 2 to 3 days the form will come and he will take admission in the college.
 Again Prafull took 50 thousand rupees from his father and enrolled in the local MBA college. Because his father wanted him to do MBA. Prafull Billore joined the college but he did not feel like in college and he left the college on the seventh day in the running class and completely focused on his tea work.
He says that your neighbours are jealous of your progress, this is what happened with Praful and after 2 months he had to close his shop.  He was completely broken and negative thinking started coming in his mind, he used to get calls from his daily customer asking where are you?
Prafull Billore is back again with new hope
Prafull Billore once again started looking for a place to set up shop at a new place in Ahmedabad where no one should disturb him.
He went to a hospital and asked the doctor for a place to set up his tea stall at the vacant place and also asked the doctor to pay money to set up a shop at that place. He set up a shop, but he wanted to do some new creativity, so he kept a “whiteboard” on his shop and wrote that if anyone wants a job, then write it here”, many types of people used to come to the shop.
Many wanted jobs and many were employers, with this new idea many people got jobs, many people had a relationship, many even got married through that shop. Mr. Billore Ahmedabad, MBA Chai Wala

How did MBA Chai Wala get its name?

The work of tea started going well, the network became good, so thought why not now put a good name of the shop so that it can be better marketing. They Selected around 400 names out of which one finalized name was “Mr. Billore Ahmedabad” which is short as “MBA Chai Wala“.
Initially people started laughing at him because the name of the shop was MBA Chai Wala and people used to say that after doing MBA one has to sell tea. Somewhere people used to give advice that change the name of your good shop for work.

Achievement of Prafull Billore

MBA chai wala became famous as well as local event musical night, book exchange program women empowerment, social cause blood donation, natural disaster come MBA chaiwala used to stand everywhere, supporting both physically and financially.
Prafull gave “free tea for singles” on Valentine’s day which went viral and all the singles from there went to his shop. He then became famous and started receiving orders for serving tea at weddings.
Today MBA Chaiwala is very famous, does national and international events, their networking is very much, has given employment to 30 to 40 people.
Prafull opened his own cafe in 300 square feet and gave franchise all over India. Praful gave several lectures in various colleges, including one at IIM Ahmedabad, from where he wanted to pursue an MBA. “People who used to make fun of me,” says Praful.
Now ask me for advice. I tell them, degree doesn’t matter, knowledge does. ‘ I am a full time chaiwala and I love my job!
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