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What is Bitcoin? How to earn money from Bitcoin? [Now]

What is Bitcoin? How to earn money from Bitcoin?

Hello friends, welcome in today’s article, today we are going to talk about the very popular cryptocurrency coin bitcoin. Today we are going to talk about some crypto currency and give information.
Friends, I know that you must have known something or the other about crypto currency, but do you have complete information? Yes friends, today we are going to give you complete information about crypto currency and bitcoin, how you can invest money in Bitcoin. Among themselves how you can earn money from your investments and how much money you should invest in which going and most important. What is bitcoin, we are going to tell you all about it today, so let’s start the article without delay and tell you about bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

So friends, the first question that would come in your mind would be that what is bitcoin.
Sometimes before friends, what kind of question do you solve and you tell what is bitcoin.
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Tell friends that bitcoin is a currency and is a virtual currency which can neither touch nor keep it in your pocket like your money. This is a digital currency that is saved in your digital account, but using this currency you can buy and send anything, now friends bitcoin is becoming so popular that many companies have started taking payment in bitcoin as well. Not in India but outside loan fun company has started taking payment in bitcoin.
Tell friends that bitcoin is a type of money just like money and dollars, but you can save it on the internet in your wallet and not in your pocket.

Who invented Bitcoin?

Let us tell friends that bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Friends, at this time a bitcoin was equal to about 1 rupee and this currency was not so popular, so no one paid attention to this currency at that time. |
Friends, let us tell you now if we talk in 2021, then let us tell you that the price of bitcoin has become very high and it is not a lion, someday it happens, some day it will be something but will tell you at this time bitcoin price is around ₹ 4000000. is equal and it keeps on increasing every day.
Now if you want to know a rate price of bitcoin then you can search on google 1 bitcoin into in Rupees there google will give you the address how much is a bit coin price.

How to invest in Bitcoin?

Friends, today many apps have come to invest in bitcoin, some of the best are wazirx and coinswitch kuber.
Both these ears are quite popular in India and millions and crores of people trade them.
The interface of both the apps is quite simple and simple, even a child can buy and sell bitcoins on these two apps.
Friends, I invest my money in bitcoin and I use the message kuber app, to invest that money, the commission here is absolutely zero and it is very easy to register here, all you need is aadhar card, pan card and a phone. Email number is required from where you can start your trading. And friends, do not take the tension of safety at all, this is a completely safe platform where your money is absolutely safe.
There is a lot of fall and boom in the Rustom bitcoin public, if we talk about the last 2 months, bitcoin was in a lot of losses for the last 2 months and its price had come to 250000 but after that bitcoin again made a jump and now a The price of bitcoin has reached 38 million.
Friends, who would have bought by sitting on 2500000, they would have got to see a lot of profit. But friends, if you want to invest your money in bitcoin or any other crypto currency, then invest your money only as much as you have extra and let me tell you that never invest money on loan because it also includes losses. And if you have a loss then you will not be able to repay the loan.

How to earn money from Bitcoin? 

Tell friends that thousands of millions of people have started investing in bitcoin today, who are also making profit, but let us tell you that there are many tractors to return in this but if you have more money and you invest it in some right place. If you want to do this then bitcoin would be a good option.
We friends, if you want to invest in bitcoin, then we give you a little more information about it.
Frequently asked questions.
1. Is Bitcoin is safe?
= yes, you can consider Bitcoin is safe cryptocurrency because it is technology based coins and it is fully secured.
2. How to invest in Bitcoin?
= There are several platform who provides services to invest in cryptocurrency with free account opening. One such a platform called coinDCX.
3. Who invented Bitcoin?
Bitcoin invented by Santoshi nakamoto in 2009.
4. How to get much profit from Bitcoin?
= You can get best return through your knowledge. Learn more about the Bitcoin then you will able to get best returns from your investment.
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