Hello Friends, welcome to another Color Prediction trick article. In this post, we are explaining in detail the colour prediction game to how to make money online without investment. You can earn profits between 1000-10000 rupees daily if you invest a little money.
As here follow the triple Investment method to manage loss on this platform. So let’s see how to Play the colour prediction game? & how to earn money with playing number prediction? 


What is Color Prediction Game?

There are three colours in which you need to select one and the result gets declared in a few minutes.
  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. And Violets
If your selected correct colour comes next then you will get 1.5X Profits. That is very simple. You can make good cash while playing this game and also risk applicants.


  • If you select the Green colour as your prediction and you will invest 100 rupees in Green Color, you need to wait a few minutes for the result and if the red colour is the winning colour. You will Earn Multi Profits on its return as  98 rupees. Two rupees for Processing Fess.

Here is no limit on earnings, cash online in Color /Number prediction 


Fiewin formula and tricks
Colour Prediction Number Tricks

How to Play Color Prediction Game?

There are Two prediction methods available,

Predict Color-
  • Playing Color simple and winning Chances 90%, Before for play, learn some basic Color Prediction Trick and Formula.
  • Red, Green as 1.5 X Profits means if place bet 500 rupees on its & return profits 998rs.
  • And Violets Color as a 4.5X

  • Here your winning Chances will be 50%, only here earn 9.5X Profits it means placing bet 100 rupee return amounts 998 rupees.
  • Red    (2,4,6,8,0) 
  • Green (1,3,5,7,9).

Triple Investment Method-

First Error-

Buy 100rs, if win-earn 100rs Profits 
If Loss, Next use 300 rupees

Second Error-

Buy 300rs, if win earns 300 -100 = 200rs Profits 
If Loss, Next use 800 rupees

Third error-
Buy 800rs, if win-earn 800-300 -100 = 400 Profits 
If Loss, Next use 2400 rupees

Four Error-
Buy 2400rs, if win earn 2400 – 800-300 -100 = 1200 Profits 

You can withdraw your earnings directly through to the bank account or on your UPI id, Money will get credited in 2 to 5 Min.

Colour Prediction Refer and Earn-

  • You are not ready to take the financial risk on this game, then you can refer your friends and neighbours to join using your referral link, then you earn a commission for every deposit and trends bet.

  • The referral earnings will be up to 2 levels means you refer friends or neighbours you will earn money 

  •  If your friend refers his friend through his link and also you will get money is called level 2 referral earnings.

Disclaimer: Here we not promoting any types of gambling applications and we suggest staying away from all kinds of online betting platforms. Here some loss is also applicable, after we search for many months of researching about all types of colour prediction games, we found some basic formula then we took to manage our loss converts to profits. Hence we wrote this article to teach about color prediction formulas and tricks.

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