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 Top 50 Best Websites to Make Money Online: 

  1. 1. Top 50 Best Websites to Make Money Online by Writing Articles How to make money online? How to earn money online from home without investment? And what are the best ways to make money online? These are one of the most common and most popular queries over the web. The development of technology in the different field has made people remarkably independent and intellectual. Specially, the Internet world is a magnificent source of learning, teaching, communicating, data storing, sharing or data transferring, helping, and earning money too. If you have the hobby of writing and want to express your ideas to the world then blogging is a truly suitable way of making money online from home. In case, you like to write articles but don’t have enough time to manage a blog successfully (in short, you want to make money online without a website), however, you can easily earn some decent income online through writing articles. If you are still not aware with this online money making game then you need to know that a lot of people are earning some large amounts of money by contributing articles to different freelance writing websites that pay well. With this online money making method, you haven’t to create and manage blogs. Only, you have to contribute articles as per your topic preference and you will make money online fast. Isn’t it an amazing way to make money online from home? In today’s Internet guide, I am going to list top 50 best websites that will pay you good money for writing articles. This is one the best ways to make money online for students, housewife and all those people who want to make extra money by writing articles from home. Let’s see the list of best websites to make money online by writing articles:
  2. 2Below listed all websites are specially designed to get paid for writing and well recognized on the internet to earn money online by writing articles. If you really want to make money writing articles online then here’s the list of top 50 sites that pay absolutely an appropriate amount of money for your guest articles: iWriter.com (Topics: according to your preferences | Payment: $15.00 for every article) HubPages.com (Topics: Arts and Design, Books, Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty, Food and Cooking, Games, Relationships, Health, Sports, and Technology etc | Payment: 10 dollars for 500 words articles) SitePoint.com (Topics: Web Design Development | Payment: Unknown) SmashingMagazine.com (Topics: Web Design Development | Payment: Depends upon article quality and word count) InstantShift.com (Topics: Web Design Development| Payment: According to article quality and length) TopTenz.net (Topics: Bizarre, Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment, Science, etc.| Payment: $50) IncomeDiary.com (Topics: making money online, social media, getting traffic, web design, conversion optimization | Payment: $50 to $200 per post by the PayPal payment) FunnyTimes.com (Topics: business, religion or politics | Payment: $60 per post) BirdChannel.com (Topics: fashion, news, information related to birds | Payment: $100 to $400 for each post) Check also » Top 10 Websites to Watch Free Movies Online AFineParent.com (Topics: parenting | Payment: $100 to $300 for each post through the PayPal) YourOnline.biz (Topics: Online Business | Payment: $100 for each article) InternationalLiving.com (Topics: Entrepreneurship, Retired Overseas, Travel Adventure, Short
  3. Read Also Make Money Online
  4. 3Blurbs | Payment: $75 per post) BacktoCollege.com (Topics: education | Payment: $65 to $125 per article via PayPal or Check. Article length 1,000 to 1,500 in words) WritersWeekly.com (Topics: Freelance | Payment: $40 to $60 for each article of 600 words) Achs.edu (Topics: health care | Payment: $50 per post of 600 to 1000 words article) TransitionAbroad.com (Topics: travel, living, study, work | Payment: $50 – $ 150 per article via PayPal or check) Must See » Top 50 Websites to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading eCommerceInsiders.com (Topics: retail, online commerce | Payment: $75 per article of 400 to 600 words and $125 per article for more than 600 words) MatadorNetwork.com (Topics: environment, gear, events, music, food, drink, language, sports, adventure, writing etc. | Payment: $40 for each article) VectorDiary.com (Topics: vector design | Payment: $150 for each published tutorial) WriteNaked.net (Topics: interviews, publishing trends, writing, freelance, success stories, self- publishing tips | Payment: $50 to $ 200 for each article) DigitalOcean.com (Topics: Linux, FreeBSD cloud computing | Payment: $200 per article) Listverse.com (Topics: according to your choice | Payment: $100 for each article of 1,500 words) CrazyLeaf.com (Topics: Tutorials, graphic design, web design, print design, programming, vectorial photography, design inspiration | Payment: Unknown) MetroParent.com (Topics: parenting | Payment: $30 to $50 for short articles and up to $350 for long published article) ChangeAgent.com (Topics: Adult Education | Payment: $50 for each published article) Stretcher.com (Topics: interviews, reviews | Payment: $0.10 for each word via check) You might like » Top 50 Quotes that Inspire You to be a Successful Entrepreneur DropZone.com (Topics: Skydiving | Payment: $50 per published article and $100 per featured article) Smithsonian.com (Topics: innovation, science, art, culture, travel history etc | Payment: $0.50 to $0.60 per word) Cracked.com (Topics: according to your preference | Payment: $50 to $200 for each article) ConsumerSearch.com (Topics: review of related to phones, LCD TVs, laptops, exercise bikes, fitness trackers etc. | Payment: $350 for per article)
  5. 4TheProgressive.org (Topics: Politics | Payment: $50 to $1,300 per article depends upon the article quality and length) IntenseBlog.com (Topics: Blogging, internet marketing | Payment: $50 for each article) ThemeForest.net (Topics: web design web development | Payment: $150 per article) PSDtutsplus.com (Topics: Photoshop tutorials | Payment: $50 to $150 for
  6. (Topics: computer tips and tricks | Payment: $25 for 250 words, $40 for 400 words, $45 for 600 words, and $50 for 800 words) MakeALivingWriting.com (Topics: article writing, blogging, copywriting, freelance writing, marketing, networking | Payment: $50 for Tools Market each post) TheTechLabs.com (Topics: Adobe flash, Adobe Air, Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash Lite, ActionScript3 | Payment: $50 to $70 per article ) I hope, you found some helpful websites to make money online by writing articles and best ways to make money online from home. Feel free to suggest me through comments if I forgot to include any popular article writing sites that pay well. Please, let us know – which one is your favorite website to earn money online by writing articles from above listed top 50 websites or which one you are going to use for making money online from home by writing articles. I will see you in the next Article. Good bye.
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